From 26.2 to 13.1?!

I’ve been happily recovering all week from Boston. I’ve been enjoying things like sleep, my Netflix queue, my couch, food, breathing…basically everything I haven’t had time for in the past six weeks. While trying to get my act together for Boston by logging miles on the road and recovering in physical therapy, I felt like I was always on the go. I did move around a little yesterday when I went for a super short and easy swim before work, and I ran a few easy paced miles after work. Nothing crazy, I just wanted to check in and see how recovery was going. Not bad! Some achiness in my Achilles, but nothing more than I’d anticipated.

imageLast night, I was at a charity event for a running organization. It’s called J’s Run, and they raise money for pancreatic cancer. My friends and I were asked to be the first shift of “Celebrity Bartenders” for this event. Let me tell you, I’m fairly certain that I’m a better runner than I am a bartender! I’ve never spent one day behind a bar in my life. You should have seen us trying to sling drinks and interact with customers. It was quite the sight!

So, in talking to my friend Kathy (also ran Boston on Monday), she told me that at the last minute she was asked to step in and pace our local half marathon, the St. Luke’s Half. The race is on Sunday, April 26. I used to race it every year until I began running Boston – it’s a great race. She was asked to pace the 1:50 crew, but had never paced before and had a lot going on outside of our running world. She asked if I’d like to do it instead. I’ve been tasked with being an official pacer twice before…so naturally, I agreed.

So here I am, not even four full days post-Marathon Monday and I’m preparing to pace a half-marathon on Sunday! Crap. In all fairness, many of the pacers ran Boston on Monday so we are all in the same boat. I paced a 1:45 half marathon the week before Boston at the Garden Spot Half Marathon (a much hillier course) and had a blast. I had to average 8 minute miles that day, and this is a little slower (8:24 to come in RIGHT at 1:50, so I will be aiming for 8:20-22 pace) so it should be fine. I was planning to run about 7 miles around that same pace that day anyway. The trickiest part is that I will be done a little before 10 a.m. I will have 30 minutes to finish the race and get home to shower and make myself presentable so I can leave to be at a bridal shower in Staten Island (I live in PA) by 12:30…challenge accepted.

So there’s that – my unconventional plan for marathon recovery. However, I am leaning towards running Grandma’s Marathon (I know, I know, I said I would recover after Boston) on 6/20, so it would be a good way to get in a longer run at a reasonable pace. I’m excited also because it gives me a chance to run one of my favorite races again. Bonus – my dad is in a band and they set up shop on the out-and-back segment of the course so I will get to see them – twice!

Actually, this is a fun weekend all around. On Saturday, I was invited to visit the WFMZ, our local news studio. Last year, I was asked to be part of a piece that they did following the 2014 Boston Marathon. Since I went back again this year, they asked to bring us back to the studio to follow up on our Marathon Monday experience. So exciting! Hopefully I’ll be able to post a link to it once it is broadcasted. I was hoping for a low-key weekend, but I guess that will have to wait!


Anyone racing/pacing this weekend?? Have you ever been a bartender?? It was really hard work!

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