I’m only HALF crazy.

This whole getting injured thing has really got to stop. Not because I’m frustrated with the actual injury, but because it’s is really bad for my bank account and productivity. See, when I get injured, I cross train. When I start cross training, I start signing up for events that I normally wouldn’t sign up for. Like in April, I started biking and swimming because of my stress fracture. By the end of my four week hiatus from running, I fancied myself a triathlete and signed up for the Steelman Olympic Distance Triathlon. Because god forbid swimming and biking were just about cross training and maintaining my endurance. That would just be absurd.

There are no local winter triathlons (that I am aware of), so I’ve completely gone off the deep end.  I’ve taken it upon myself to sign up for a half Ironman in June. Stupid stress reaction in my dumb tibia must have somehow traveled to my head.

I knew my friends were planning on signing up for it. They are amazing triathletes – that’s what they train for, and they are extremely talented individuals. I joked a few times and said I was going to join them, but I wasn’t serious. At all. I’ve expressed an interest in doing one, but I always figured I would sign up for a fall event because it would be easier for me to train for it during the summer months.  You know, the summer time: when I’m off from work and can spend all day training if necessary. This past Saturday, my friends were all talking about it during our long run. Discussing how they were going to sign up sometime over the next few days and who would be joining them at the starting line. They egged me on a bit, and I kept joking that I would be signing up. JOKING. On Sunday, I’m out for a pleasant bike ride with Emily and start thinking, “It would be pretty fun to train for that!” Fun. To swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and then run 13.1 miles. All in one day. 70.3 miles. What. Was. I. Thinking.


When Monday rolled around, I kind of had an outer body experience. The kind where I see myself filling out the registration and whipping out my debit card to pay the hefty registration fee. I think I expected to get to an extra screen that said, “Are you really, really, REALLY freaking sure you want to do this?” before it actually charged my card and registered me for the event, but I didn’t. I hit  the “Complete Registration” button and felt a little like throwing up when the screen said “Thank you for your registration for the 2014 EnduraFit Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon.”

So, June 8th. Half-Ironman. My goal is simply just to finish the race. I’m not going into the race with any time goals or pace expectations. I’m still putting together a spring schedule of marathons, and those are still my priority. The half Ironman is about getting me to cross train on a regular basis, and about doing something I haven’t done before. It’s about spending a fun weekend with great friends doing the things we love to do the most. That doesn’t mean I’m going to take the distance or the training lightly. I am fully aware without a doubt that this will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But seriously, I really can’t get injured anymore. At the rate I’m going, I’m afraid of what I might get myself into!

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