We have arrived.

Well, so far the trip is off to an interesting start. Interesting, but wonderful because I’m with some of my dearest friends, I’m on the west coast, and I get to run a marathon in a few hours! We had quite the experience getting to Vancouver, Washington and it took us an extra nine hours to arrive. Our first flight was scheduled to depart Philadelphia at 6:53pm on Friday, but never actually took off until 9pm. A series of weather, mechanical issues, and just bad luck put Kate and I sleeping on the floor of the San Francisco airport in the middle of the night. Not even in one of those uncomfortable chairs at the gate- literally on the floor. What was supposed to be a quick one hour layover turned into a seven hour stint in San Francisco. But we actually got some sleep, the sun came up, we got some strong Peets Coffee (a decent substitute for Starbucks) and the first flight out to Portland on Saturday morning. Added bonus: we checked one bag, and it made it there!

When we landed in San Francisco, I felt tired, weak, frustrated and defeated. I wasn’t stressed out because I knew everything that landed us there was out of our control, so I slept. The sleep and coffee did me well, because I actually felt quite refreshed and rested when we woke up. I’m not certain what the race, but I feel positive and ready.

I’ve been trying to trick my body into not feeling the time difference, and I think it worked. I awoke with ease this morning and I began my pre-race rituals with no fatigue. I’ve been hydrating like crazy since I’m sure our travel situation wasn’t the easiest on my body, and I’ve been wearing my compression socks since Friday. I promise I’ll wash them when I get to Jenny’s house in Canada later today. More on the expo and the race later…for now, let’s DO THIS!!!!

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